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Swap-free Trading

CGFX offer swap-free accounts for traders following Islamic finance principles, ensuring compliance with Shariah law. Experience seamless trading with no hidden fees, transparent pricing, and access to a wide range of trading instruments, including Forex, metals, indices, and more. Join CGFX today and trade with an account that aligns with your values and trading strategies.

What does a swap free account offer?

No interest

cost structure

Compliant with
Islamic Sharia Laws

for all traders

*Terms & Conditions : Client must request a swap-free account at registration or shortly after. Note that swap-free accounts limit trades to a maximum of 3 lots each, with a swap-free holding period up to 1 week. Trades that surpass 3 lots or extend beyond the 1-week period will be subject immediately to swap charges.

Swap rate explained by CGFX

At CGFX, the swap rate, also known as a rollover fee, is an interest charge for positions held open overnight, varying per currency pair and based on 100,000 base units. Check the latest swap rates on the MT5 platform.

In spot forex trading at CGFX, swap rates are set two days in advance. For example, swaps for Thursday trades start on Monday, and for Friday trades, on Tuesday. Swap rates are tripled on Wednesdays to cover the weekend. Note that during holiday weeks, the swap rate structure may vary.

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