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What is your experience in trading?

Introduction to the financial markets

Financial markets are the basis of trading, but what are they and how does trading work? Investors or traders buy and sell different assets for profit while trying to keep their risks limited, and trading focuses on a single financial market, such as the CFD market, but what influences and drives it? How does liquidity affect the trading market?

Social trading

Social trading is an innovative method for unexperienced traders who find it difficult to comprehend all a trader needs—knowledge, experience, and resources—and summarize it all in a single click process! CGFX Social Trading enables you to enter the trading grounds with ease and confidence, but with caution as well.

Resources and educational guides

An inclusive guidance of resources, dictionaries, and tutorials awaits you! If you're new to forex, our beginner-friendly videos are the perfect starting point. Dive into the basics, learn the key terminology, and grasp essential concepts that will set you on the right track. CGFX guides you so you can trade your way to success.

Your trading account

Enthusiastic about trading? You don't know where or how to start? Initiate a safe and confident trading experience with the perfect account for you. We know the best account tailored to suit the potential of any beginner in the line of trading. 

Your exclusive experience

Your expertise requires an account that fulfills your trading aspirations, is designed for the elite traders who demand the very best in trading conditions and technology, and offers unparalleled access to global markets with some of the most competitive terms in the industry, good so far? Learn more about the CGFX advantage!

Trading conditions

Having the best trading conditions and environment are the pulse of any subtle successful trading. In CGFX, you can find the parameters of any successful trading strategy, and a weekly and monthly feed of all vital market news and deals on spot and future contracts of any trading instrument.

Social trading

Social trading has swamped the world of trading by storm, but how can you, as an experienced trader, benefit from it? CGFX allows you to earn recognition for your trading potential and additional income by providing our clients with successful trades that they copy.

CGFX Awards

Are you making a great success in your trades? Do you want to double the profit and get rewarded as well? Trading just got more exciting with CGFX Rewards. The more you trade with CGFX, the bigger the reward you can earn.

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