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Introducing Broker

Join one of the most compensating Introducing Broker programs in the world. Refer new clients to CGFX and earn a commission for every trade they make.

Advantages of becoming an Introducing Broker with CGFX

Attractive Commission




Instant Global

How the IB program Operates?

The Introducing Broker program with CGFX is a partnership
where individuals earn commissions by referring new clients to CGFX. After registration and approval, IBs use provided tools and resources to attract clients. Commissions are earned based on the trading activity of these referred clients. The program offers ongoing and customized support. Reach out to your account manager to discuss more details on how CGFX can be your trusted partner.

Expand your potential with CGFX IB program

As our partner, you'll receive comprehensive support, advanced tools, and real-time tracking capabilities to help you succeed. Join us now and transform your network into business.

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