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CGFX Story

CGFX Story

Commercial Group FX Limited (CGFX), previously known as The Commercial Group for Trading in International Markets (CGTIM), is one of the region’s largest online Financial Brokerage Firms which act as a primary market maker in various financial fields mainly in currency and stock markets.

The company offers online trading through the internet, to the public at large (individual traders and institutions), to trade Forex, Indices, Futures, CFDs, and Energies. The company first started its activities in 1995 as the first Forex Brokerage in Jordan. The establishment of the company was a response to the increasing demand on trading in financial markets, and so, the company existed to satisfy the real need for client-oriented, expertise-based and efficient financial services that would bring clients to the floors of major financial markets everywhere.

Being the first Forex Brokerage in Jordan, CGFX strived to excel in providing the top of the line trading experience and customer service to all local and international clientele. In the year of 1998, CGFX started expanding its branches in several countries with the Asian continent. With the growth and popular use of internet trading nowadays, CGFX has been the leader in implementing state-of-the-art technologies to make traders’ lives easier. Now, CGFX welcomes traders from all over the world to trade the Forex markets straight from their mobile or computer device, from anywhere around the world.